Friday, 2 September 2011

a look back!

Not a lot of stitching has been done lately, apart from an autumnal piece to be made into a needlebook, which I can't show yet as it's for an exchange in Friendly Stitchers group.

So I've been looking thru my photos and thought I would show a couple of holiday photos,  plus what I stitched on that holiday.  See if you can guess what country I was in .......

sheep grazing, early morning

a perfect beach!

now to what I stitched .....
ready to bring home for Christmas

Look out next week for more 'looking back' at holiday photos and the stitching done.  Plus the answer to where the sheep are grazing and the location of  my perfect beach ....

Happy stitching

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Cross Stitch Queen said...

Okay, well it's not New York City. Hmmmm...maybe Portugal? My last guess would be somewhere on the coast of Ireland.

I guess, you have figured out by now, I am a city girl and don't have a clue about sheep. Yup. yup, a shortcoming, I know too well. Every morning I say to myself, "Must read up on sheep" only to count them at night. lol...

So, this is my first visit and you have stumped me. I became a follower not only to see more of your handiwork, but to find out where on this earth that gorgeous beach is.

Have a great weekend!