Thursday, 1 December 2011

One finished.... another to start

Yes.... so pleased with myself, I have finished one sock.  Now the hard part is to get another finished, but I will push myself to get it done by the end of the year.   That will be my knitting craze finished with for another year.  Actually they are fairly easy to do, it's just the first few rounds that are a bit fiddly but after that working with so many needles was no bother, even with all five needles in play for the heel.    Had a bit of a problem understanding how to graft the toe but after watching a Utube tutorial it became clear.  Take a look....

and it fits perfectly.

Now I can show the Christmas ornie I sent to my partner on FS group, as I know she has received it.  I am still waiting for mine, post is a little slow sometimes across the pond.  It's a LHN chart, Gingerbread Village.  I have already started stitching another for a little surprise for a family member.... not saying who, they may read this. 

I am still kitting up my Crazy 15 ready for January...... now need to find 4 more charts,  I have taken one out .. far too large for me, I stitch better with smallish items.  Going to cut and neater edges of all the fabric I have waiting.... make a list of floss needed and look thru my stash.  Hope I shall be ready for Jan 1st.  It is very hard not to start some of the ones I have already kitted. Patience is not one of my virtues, but I do work better under pressure, and the pressure will be on to be ready. 

Ok I'm  off to browse for charts and will leave you with a snap of what's in flower in my sun-room.... ugh! where's the sun?

Happy stitching