Wednesday, 31 March 2010

All Hearts!

All hearts!  I've been on a roll with these, lavendar hearts.  They are so easy and fun to make, I like things that are quick to do as I soon get bored!!   Think they may be good for a craft show... if ever I get round to doing one!  Got more ideas for them too, but first I want to finish off a few more of those UFO's...... like a fairy, Christmas stitchery, a prim Annie and Andy, the list goes on... and on....
Let me know what you think of my hearts    

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Update on Betty Boo

I've been trying to get Betty Boo finished, nearly there........ so here is an update on how far I have got.  The head is not stitched on yet, hair needs a little more styling and her dress needs a skirt.  The red net covering her up is going to cover her shoulders and arms, and maybe an underskirt too!  Shall I get her finished by 31st March ?  ....ummmmm not sure, but I'll try.  I've so much other stuff waiting ......... watch this space

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

King of Hearts and The Old Hag

I can now show what I made for my partner in our latest swap at 'All Things Prim'. The King of Hearts, he was so much fun to make and I am pleased to say he arrived in the USA safe and sound. Best of all, Kristine loves him! I was a little worried about that as Kristine makes such brilliant stuff and can turn her hand to anything crafty.

Look what Kristine of Kitchn'sink Studio, (link on right under blogs) made for me.... awesome.... she is Hunchback Hag with her caged canary, or Old Aunt Zula as Kristine named her. I adore her, shes just my kinda gal! Don't you just love that face.....