Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Where was I? - ' Downunder mate'

Did you guess where I was on holiday?  DH and I had a great time for just over 5 weeks.... here's another photo from that amazing country,   the beautiful city of Adelaide, SA..... shopping on the Rundle Mall
Rundle Street and Rundle Mall are named after John Rundle (1791- 1864), an original director and financier of the South Australia Company, which was formed in London in 1834 to promote settlement of the new colony of South Australia.
 The sheep were on the road to the small town of Melrose, in the Flinders Range.  It was a wonderful sight to see early that morning, a field of blue with sheep dotted about.  The plant they were grazing on is Echium plantagineum, commonly known as Purple Viper's Bugloss or as Paterson's Curse or Salvation Jane (particularly in South Australia). Other names are Blueweed, Lady Campbell Weed or Riverina Bluebell. The name Salvation Jane comes from South Australia. In times of drought, many of the states grazing pastures died. Due to its drought hardiness, Echium was a source of food to the grazing animals in the state, hence the name Salvation Jane.  I believe it is toxic to horses.

The beach ............ 'sigh'  was perfect.  If I won the lottery that is where you would find me, building a house overlooking that bay..... named Tumby Bay on the Eyre Peninsula.  There was  a quilting shop too,  what more could I ask for...... 

Now onto an update of my stitching this past week,  more stitching on LHN's Home of a Needleworker, and a small autumn piece for a small  hanging pillow, which I haven't got a photo of yet, so will wait till its finished. 

I am really enjoying stitching this one, I have got the feel of linen now and love the look.  I think I am completely mad, cos I have signed up for the Crazy 15 Challenge, info here

so I have been browsing to find 15 projects I want to stitch next year.  I'm a very slow stitcher so it will be a challenge to finish 15 in a year.  Might have to choose mostly small ones, with a few medium, certainly no large projects.  My Mary Wigmore is the only big project I can concentrate on, maybe I can add that as one of my 15.  I know I shall be doing some LHN charts, one will be the 'Coffee Menu' as I love that and it will go great on my kitchen wall.   Also I have French Hen by JBW Designs to add.  I'll update next week on my 15 chosen ones.

happy stitching


Mouse said...

oooo helloooo :) looks like you had a fab time there .... and welcome to the crazy challenge ;) I've signed up again .. and good for you choosing wisely means there is less pressure for you :) love mouse xxxx

Thoeria said...

Looks like the vacation was good fun! I've also signed up for the crazy challenge :) Nothing too large for me either!

ChrisG said...

Sounds like you had fun. what I would do for 5 week vacation. Here in the US, you only get 2 weeks, if you are lucky, most employers only allow one week. good luck with you 15 Challenge. Christina