Thursday, 28 June 2012

Late again with TUSAL

Yes,   I've missed the deadline again,  it's that time of year when DH and I take off in our camper so we have been around the coast a while.  (without internet access for most of the time too..... not good!)   

Anyway, as the saying goes ' better late than never'  here is my ort jar for June..... filling up now.    The stitching is Dawn of Spring SAL by mouse of FS.  Nearly finished part four, just got the beads to add to the flower centres.  Only two more parts to go and then have to think about making it up, not my favourite part.

So now I'll show you where I've been these last few weeks...

Cromer pier, Norfolk coast

walking towards Cromer

Pentewan, Cornwall

Pentewan, Cornwall

Can you guess, I like to walk on the beach... lol...  Pentewan in Cornwall is my very favourite beach to visit, it's always so quiet and peaceful with great views.  Well it is in May/June and September when we visit..... probably crowded and noisy in July/August.  The blur in the photo is my finger, it was very windy and hard to keep still.

I did finish off my hooked rug which only needed backing, and made a pattern and plans for a neck pillow, which I have finished today. 

My son asked me to make it for his girlfriend's father, as for his birthday they gave him a garden lounger chair, and asked me to personalise it for him.  His favourite football team is Dortmund, so it had to be black and yellow.   This is on my chair so hope it fits his,  I'll find out next week as we are flying over to visit our son and grandsons. 

Got to go and pack now, did DH say I can only take 10kg ?   Fabric and thread don't take up much room, gotta take my stitching.   My poor garden  looks so unloved at the moment, will have to do some weeding before our trip.  Here is what is in flower this month.

Happy Stitching