Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chillies and tomatoes!

I've not done much in the way of stitching this week, but did manage to  finished my exchange biscornu. Just need to post it off next week, but sorry no photo yet, but I will show you this what  I managed to finish off too.............   can you guess what's in here!

        ....something I love!  its so amazing!  and partly to blame for not a lot of stitching getting done!.....

                 can you see it... just peeping out!  yes........ its my new Kindle.  Thought it deserved its own case so I found these charm squares in my stash and they seemed to fit the bill fine.  I love the lime and black together.

The title of this post does mention Chillies, so here's an update of how they are doing

                    and the tomatoes,  but I think I may need a recipe for green tomato chutney!

  and I'll leave you with a gorgeous fuchsia flower that's in one of my hanging baskets.

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Mouse said...

oooo now that is a nice idea a kindle pocket :) and love the fushia ... can't help with the recipe am afraid :( love mouse xxxx