Friday, 15 July 2011

Mail arrived!

I had two packages in the mail yesterday............. first a gorgeous package from Mouse of Friendly Stitchers.  I won fourth prize in the Mid-Summer Show and Tell comp.  (ok, so there were only 4  But I feel I won first prize, cos inside were some beautiful threads and cute scissors.    I am so looking forward to stitching with them especially the silk, they are yummy colours too!   Scissors are like fabric and floss... you can never have too many.  take a look...

Oh! and my second package was my Kindle......... I've wanted one for ages and finally did it!  So far  I'm very impressed with it, so easy to use.   No photo, but I'm sure you all know what they look like....  everyone seemed to have one but me!

DH and I went off in the motorhome to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk last week, only for 3 nights but it was a welcome break.    After a lovely day walking the forest trails it was good to sit and stitch in the evening sunshine.  Here's a little Christmas heart I finished stitching....   

   the chart was a freebie I found on a french blog, can't see which one at the moment but will add when I find it again. (   thanks Mouse)  Not sure how I'm going to finish it off,  maybe a pillow or hanging... any suggestions most welcome

happy stitching

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Mouse said...

oooo those silks look lovely ;) and a kindle too .. what a nice post man love the heart freebie its from gazette94 I think ??? and think you should make it into a hanging heart :) love mouse xxx