Saturday, 20 August 2011

A busy week......... but little achieved!

I seem to have had a busy week but don't feel much has been achieved.    I think I would have felt better if I had started something new, I do like to start projects and finish them ... it seems it's the bit in the middle I'm not good with

My progress on Mary is slow, Home of a Needleworker is better but still slow......

Mary Wigham sampler
Home of a Needleworker

I did finish a small wallhanging that will be going to our eldest son.  I made him a 'Union Jack' wallhanging a few months ago and promised a 'Stars and Stripes' one too.  I didn't take a photo of the 'Union Jack', but here's the 'Stars and Stripes' with a dish of my tomatoes... they are yummy!!!!

Both hangings have a sleeve on the back ready to hang, but I bet they won't be on his wall until I visit.........

I received a lovely summer biscornu from Christine in  our Summer Sensation exchange on Friendly Stitchers, I know she has received what I sent out so I can now show them both,

made for Christine
received from Christine

it was a great swap and I'm looking forward to joining the next one, a needlebook. 

The highlight of my week ..............  a trip into Cambridge courtesy of the new guided busway.  Here's a link to show the route 

it was quick with brand new buses, very comfy, and I could use my buspass, so no cost......... the longest guided busway in UK.  I don't go to Cambridge very often, because driving in and parking is awful, the main A14 road is so busy at all times and it's often at a standstill, then the parking is expensive, when you find a space.  But with this new busway taking me into the heart of the citycentre I may go every week ... this is a lovely shop I visit  ;)  great for stash building.

Happy stitching

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Off to a good start.....

Yes, my new projects stitching on 32ct linen have started well.   But the  'Home of a Needleworker' started off badly, I stitched the top border along the wrong side of the linen, the short side! so a lot of unpicking was done. After a couple of other miscalculated stitches and re-do's I think I am now on the right track. I do need good light and natural light is best for me, so I stitch mostly early morning or late afternoon sitting in the sunroom.  Not that we have had much sun lately, been very overcast and showery, still the light is good.

Here's the progress so far............

 Now the second new project, the Mary Wigham sampler.........  I am so pleased with myself as it is going really well, no unpicking!  I think it maybe that I am taking it slowly and being extra careful.  But I like to think it's Mary looking over my shoulder and guiding my needle.  I love the colour of this first thread I'm using, I shall just add other colours as I go along... I've no master plan for a colour scheme.  I know it will take me months even years to complete but I'm so enjoying the process.

So here's the progress .....

I've also been working on some patchwork, a little basket quilt.  I made these basket blocks a few weeks ago and then left them in my 'unfinished box'... we all have one of those!..  Well, my sewing machine was feeling a bit neglected with me doing all this hand stitching, so I spent time with it and joined the blocks into a small quilt top.  Then machine quilted a small wall hanging I'm making for my eldest son.  I'll show that photo when it's finished, but here's my baskets.........

I've now got to go thru my stash for fabric for a border, don't think I have any suitable...... I haven't been to my LQS for ages, might be a good idea to have a look what they have!  I'm sure I will find some and more.

Friday, 5 August 2011

What I stitched this week.......

I finished a little keyring for my beautiful DIL and gave the sheep legs!  Can you see the mistake?  I didn't see it until I looked at the photo .......  the question is now... shall I unpick and re-do or let it go?

I'm talking about the 'HO' on the first HOME.... they are two stitches higher than the rest!  silly me!

I have gone mad and decided to try and stitch a Mary Wigham sampler, on 32ct linen which I have never used before.  The floss I'll use is a Crescent Colours, shade Chilli Pepper, may add a teal/grey too, think its called Dublin Bay.  This will be a big challenge for me, so fingers crossed and I will keep you posted on progress.  I have also started 'Home of a Needleworker', again on 32ct linen.  It's a chart that's been on my 'wish list'  for ages, I love all LHN patterns.  Wish me luck with these two, they are both big projects for me, usually I only do small items that I can finish quickly, but think it's time to go forwards and so up to the next level.

Happy stitching