Sunday, 20 May 2012

Time for TUSAL again

Yes it's time to show my little ORT jar for May..... where does the time go?    Here it is..

Shall I ever see this jar full?   The pinky threads on the top are Dinky Dyes silk, lovely thread to stitch with. I'm using it on FS Dawn of Spring SAL designed by Mouse (see link to her blog at the side).  I've just finished part 3 which included some drawn thread work and bullion knots.  So I'm getting to do stitches I haven't tried before.  Can't wait for June and the next part to arrive.  Here's my progress so far..

I may have to take out the left hand side spider rose.... it's too high, didn't notice until I saw this photo, and some of the bullion knot leaves are a bit wayward.  I do hate it when I know its not right!!

Not much work done this month on my Mary Wigham sampler, because I have started something new.

  Rug hooking!!    Take a look at  for Barb's tutorials.

Here's my starting kit, isn't that wool a gorgeous colour.

and how far I have got..
 I'm just practising hooking straight lines at the moment.  I don't intend to make rugs for the floor, more wall hangings and table toppers.  I also want to dye my own wool, but can't seem to find a supplier in UK of wool fabric suitable for hooking.  Lots of  US sites which I may have to look into, but postage could be high.

I'll leave you with a photo of my Clivia,  it has 5 flower heads on which I haven't seen before, usually 2 or 3 at most.  It obviously likes being where it is, and had a good winter.  I think the secret is to keep them cool in winter, and it goes outside for the summer.

Happy stitching

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dulcinella said...

Such sunny colors in your jar! I love your sampler colors. You have a lot more courage than me. I stll have to dare attack the bullion stitches not to mention the drawn thread. You sure choose a lovely color to stitch it with. Good luck on the rug hooking.