Saturday, 21 April 2012

TUSAL and a quick update!

My ORT jar is slowly filling up, not much stitching has been going on, or I have been very good with my threads and stitched til the last inch.  Fingers crossed, cos the frogs have kept away too.

I've nearly completed part 2 of Dawn of Spring sampler, and it's looking good.  But I made a huge mistake in measuring my fabric and have only a half inch at each side, will have to work something out when I finish stitching.  Maybe Mouse can advise me on options to overcome it.

I've also been working on my Mary Wigham sampler, progress is slow but I am determined to finish it one day.   At the moment I am randomly picking colours out of my stash of Crescent Colours floss and so far I like it.
 These photos are not very good sorry, as my camera battery was dead, I had to use my phone which I upgraded last week and so am still learning how to use it.  It's got a touch screen too which is taking me a while to get to grips with.  Still the screen is bigger and I can see more of it without getting my specs out.

The weather has been wet and windy for the past week so I didn't get into my garden, which now looks so overgrown ugh!! must try tomorrow to do some weeding.  I'll leave you with a view of what was flowering
 a couple of weeks ago.  The daffodils now need deadheading, I'll never have a tidy garden but it is used a lot by the birds.  The resident blackbird is at this moment sitting on her nest in the ivy on the fence just a few feet away from my kitchen window so I think I'm lucky to be able to watch her.  I want to try and get a photo but not if it means she is disturbed and leaves the nest.  We have baby blackbirds most years but last year I couldn't see where she built her nest.  So this year I'm on cat watch..... we have two that journey thru the garden, which is ok as long as they pass on and don't stop.  I love cats but also like to watch the birds

Happy stitching


Mouse said...

mouse to the rescue you can make it into a bell pull :) or you can add fabric to the sides to make it wide enough to frame :) don't panic :0 is the fabric over sewn to stop fraying ??????
and oooo it does look pretty :)

mary wigham is coming along beautifully too :) and love your flowers :)
hope that helps abit :) love mouse xxxx

Thoeria said...

Love your Dawn of Spring so far...and your choice of colours for Mary Wigham is perfect!