Sunday, 25 April 2010

Spring has arrived at last!

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I couldn't settle into any needlework so I took my camera out into the garden.  I was really surprised how many flowers I had to capture.  More to come I hope, well there maybe, if I get my act together and plant the sunflower and morning glory seeds I have waiting.  I'm going to try some climbing french beans too! 
Must try and get motivated into finishing some of my UFO's.  I get so easily side-tracked ...... then another new project gets started.  Still, I have got my Snickerdoodle Dreams bag swap off across the pond, was really pleased with the way it turned out.  Can't show yet, have to wait til I know it has arrived, but with the 7 days of no flights I expect there will be some back-log to clear so it may take longer then usual.  Fingers crossed and wish it a speedy journey.

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carla ( said...

Beautiful flowers Heather!!!! Thanks for the pics!!!! You bag sound like it will be cute!!!! Glad you internet is working better again, that is no fun!!!! hugs carla