Wednesday, 3 March 2010

King of Hearts and The Old Hag

I can now show what I made for my partner in our latest swap at 'All Things Prim'. The King of Hearts, he was so much fun to make and I am pleased to say he arrived in the USA safe and sound. Best of all, Kristine loves him! I was a little worried about that as Kristine makes such brilliant stuff and can turn her hand to anything crafty.

Look what Kristine of Kitchn'sink Studio, (link on right under blogs) made for me.... awesome.... she is Hunchback Hag with her caged canary, or Old Aunt Zula as Kristine named her. I adore her, shes just my kinda gal! Don't you just love that face.....


MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Heather I love your new dolly! Kristine did a fab job of her! I think I know her from somewhere... Hmmmmm Hag does look familiar, but I'm not sure where I've met her before! *giggle*
And your doll you made for here is sooooooo awesome! You did a great job with all the little extras to make him so special! YGG!!!
Mary Jo

carla ( said...

amazing Heather!!!! I love both of the dolls!!!! Extremely creative!!!! hugs carla

Kristine said...

Hi Heather!!!
Great Photography and awesome close-up!!!..another thing you do so well!!..I really am so glad you like Her!!..she's a real character!!! me with her twangy, Southern drawl the whole time she was here!! you caught her following you with her eyes yet?? ;-D ROFL!!!..
Hope you're having a creative day!!
much hugz!!, Kristine ;-)

Kristine said...

Oh YES!!!
and of course you know I LOVE,LOVE, my Kindly King..He's on my blog too, for all the world to see!!! ;-)
I'm thinking I may make him a nice throne worthy of such a wonderful King..just thinking on which angle to go.."Regal Troll"..or more Brit???